Executive Office Center La Sabana, San José Province, Costa Rica
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Building a successful team is about more than finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills. Henry Ford's quote, "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself," is one of my personal favorite quotes on teamwork.

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Ben Carter in Costa Rica

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Daniel van Niekerk in Panama

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Ben Carter has been an offshore specialist for quarter of a century, and has worked from Africa to China. A graduate of Cambridge University, he once lived in Russia for twelve years, where he founded and later sold an offshore investment brokerage. Ben will soon be resident in Costa Rica spearheading the brand new Latin American proposition

Daniel is an experienced offshore financial advisor originally from South Africa and now permanently resident in Panama. He started his IFA career back in 2009 moving his family to Botswana, and from there have worked  all over Africa, SE Asia and also the Middle East the last 10yrs+. Daniel is also the Proprietor and founder of Prestige IFA Jobs, a specialised international wealth management recruitment service which has become a favorite with the discerning international wealth management and investment advisory firm.

Daniel will be facilitating the Panama office for Caravel Global which is currently going through the Panamanian licensing process.