Investment of Capital

Lump-sum Investments

With bank rates at unprecedented low levels – a seemingly permanent fixture – and returns on bonds at historic lows, inflation even at 2-3% can only

wither your wealth over time. Higher inflation, now at levels not seen for forty years, destroys wealth even more quickly.  

You may be paying some tax, or none at all as an expatriate, but either way, you should try to take full advantage of your status by investing offshore as soon as you are able. We offer an extensive range of investment opportunities, all of which give you offshore exposure to the international markets. The minimum investment for many offshore providers is usually $30,000. With Caravel, you can invest as little as $10,000.

Investment Strategies

Caravel operates six risk-graded Strategies for investments of $125,000 or more. A Risk Assessment must be completed so we can suggest the correct Strategy for your risk appetite, your objectives and your investment timescale. These Strategies all have a multi-asset Discretionary Managed Fund equity core as well as other asset classes.

Offshore Platforms

For a British expat intending to one day return home, investing via platforms provided by life insurance companies can give you some significant benefits. All administration of the investment’s different fund holdings is gathered in one place. In addition, life companies are able to purchase funds at a greatly reduced cost. They also have more capability to mitigate or negate some taxes, for example Capital Gains Tax when you transfer between collectives; or Inheritance Tax.

For others, a non-life company platform is usually both more appropriate and cost-effective.

Offshore pension transfers

When you become an expat, you can potentially use your offshore status to capitalise on your UK pension fund.

If you already have a pension and you’re not planning to go home before you become eligible to draw your pension, your expat status grants you eligibility for some unique opportunities, such as nil tax on your assets and a tax-free lump sum of up to 30%.

Speak to us to find out more about pension transfers.